Terracota Lamp (Small Pot)


Charming Terracotta Hanging Lamp in a small pot design. This delightful lamp combines the rustic allure of terracotta with the soft glow of ambient lighting, creating a captivating addition to your home decor. Infuse any space with a touch of warmth and traditional elegance with this exquisite hanging lamp.

Product Weight(grm): 1000 Height(Inch): 5.5 Width(Inch): 6.5



1-Small Pot Design: The hanging lamp features a charming small pot design, showcasing the timeless appeal of terracotta pottery. The petite size and intricate details add a touch of rustic charm and authenticity to your living space.

2-Terracotta Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality terracotta, this lamp exudes a natural earthy beauty and showcases the skillful artistry of expert craftsmen. Each piece is carefully molded and hand-painted, ensuring a unique and exquisite work of art.

3-Soft Ambient Lighting: The lamp emits a soft and inviting glow, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere in any room. The gentle illumination adds a touch of warmth and tranquility, perfect for creating a soothing environment or setting a romantic mood.

4-Versatile Hanging Decor: This terracotta lamp is not only a source of light but also a decorative accent that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. It can be hung in various locations, such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, or covered outdoor spaces, adding a touch of character and charm to your surroundings.

5-Easy Installation: The lamp is designed for easy installation, with a sturdy loop at the top for effortless hanging. It comes with a length of durable cord or chain, making it convenient to adjust the height and position of the lamp according to your preferences.

6-Handcrafted and Unique: Each hanging lamp is handcrafted, ensuring that every piece possesses its own distinct character and charm. The slight variations in color, texture, and design add to its authenticity and showcase the craftsmanship behind its creation.


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